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    Screenshot should explain everything
    This is based on Hackel's ally system for XAS Hero 3.60

    Special Thanks
    Hackel, for Ally system in XAS Hero 3.60
    Enterbrain - for RPGModule
    XRXS and Moghunter - for XAS
    Terv - for the tutorial
    Pk8 -  for windowskin converter

    In the demo, I'm using both of XP and VXA engine, due the difference of RGSS and RGSS3, some problem may occur with your custom script. Also, you need to buy both of the license if you want to make commercial game.

    If you want to use it without having to use RMVXA engine, replace Game.exe + RGSS102E.dll with the original one (XP Version)

    Additional Notes
    Sorry, project abandoned... lack of time for support.

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    1. Marvelous script but I've got a small question: Is the a hotkey to switch quickly the party leader without having to use the ally menu?

      I copy the following scripts in my rmxp project and I can't interact with any event of the game:
      - Ally System
      - XAS Adjusment
      - DRG Ally System
      - DRG Party Follow
      (I can send you the file of the game if you want).

      Keep up the good work!

    2. Change the throw button in XAS module into Input::SHIFT and you will be fine

    3. Here's how to run this version with other tilemap rewrites:

    4. The game crash when an ally have no weapon vs monster :(

      1. update 1.54

        fix glitch in RPG::Sprite & Interpreter 3
        fix glitch in hotkey script
        fix error when ally didn't equip any weapon

    5. update 1.56

      overhauled to support Drago - Custom Resolution II

    6. How can i remove an ally from the team? and how can i invoke an ally to a map?

      1. just add / remove your party member normally

    7. Is it possible to run in VX Ace?

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