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    Player can pick and throw objects 
    All event can be picked if <ThrowX> is included in the event name while X is the power of your throw

    To use it you need two images for your character with the suffix _PICK and _TRW

    Example Image

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    1. Thank you for your script. I'd love to have it in my game. But the error message keeps popping out, saying there's a TypeError in line 268: "Klass is not a class". Could you offer a demo so I might know what went wrong in my case?

      Thanks in advance.

      P.S. I haven't used any version of Blizz ABS. No SDK either.

      1. Redownload the script or replace
        Klass = $BlizzABS ? BlizzABS::Controller : Game_Player < Game_Character

        Klass = $BlizzABS ? BlizzABS::Controller : Game_Player

      2. I've redownloaded the script, but a similar error (NoMethodError) occurs in line 378 again, saying "undefined method `*' for nil:NilClass".

      3. Redownload the script or replace

        @carry_time = event.carrytime * 40
        @carry_time = (event.carrytime || 0) * 40


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