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    Version 2 from Drago - Custom Resolution
    Tilemap is completely rewriten in this version.


    Resolution Change
    Map Zoom
    Tilemap Tone Changer


    In the scripts.
    Needs Drago - Core Engine v1.43

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    1. Tested a bit this script on Ace.

      1) Resolution higher then 640x480 is ignored - screen becomes 640x480 instead.
      2) While changing the size with a mouse, unlike changing with Graphics.resize, the image isn't cropped, but is deformed instead. Maybe it's right, but, as for me, - somewhat counterintuitive.

      When using it just as a base for Map Loader, both this things don't hurt at all, but, I think, should be taken care of anyway.

      1. 1) http://himeworks.com/2013/10/unlimited-resolution/
        2) Sorry, that is because how RGSS3 engine is works, I can't do anything at all to fix that


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