• Posted by : LiTTleDRAgo Aug 12, 2013


    Take a screenshot from the map (including events)


    Press F7 to take a screenshot
    Press F6 to take entire map screenshot (see notes)

    Needs Drago - Core Engine v1.35 or later to work


    This script is mainly using Graphics.snap_to_bitmap method,
    If you using any hud, it may be causing trouble because the hud will be embedded into screenshot
    I recommend to edit your hud script visibility to false when the player screenshot the game.

    Note for VX users: RMVX (RGSS2) can't create bitmap larger than 2000 pixel,
    It will throws an error if you create map screenshot with large maps

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    1. bug report
      When I take a screenshot of a map using the VX ACE, events outside the on-screen are not displayed.

      1. Did you use some antilag script? Try remove it for a bit and screenshot again.


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