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    [Image] + [Image]

    This script will add another layer in the map

    How to Use

    Add [join] to child map's map name


    Needs XP Map Loader v1.10 or later to work (for RMVX-Ace)
    Needs Drago - Core Engine v1.42 or later to work

    Place the script above all custom scripts that aliasing Game_Map & Spriteset_Map but below Drago - Core Engine and XP Map Loader (if you using VX Ace)


    In VX-Ace, all of autotile passabilities on child maps are disabled
    This is not Unlimited Layer script, if you going too overboard your game will go *bang*

    * Old Version

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    1. script updated

      - compatible with F0's Custom Resolution (RMXP)
      - compatible with Drago Custom Resolution (RMXP)
      - fixed bug "added layer won't disappear when changing map" (RMVX-Ace)

    2. This is a awesome script and just what is required for RMVX-Ace for adding in the extra missing layer control that it stole from XP. Thank you so very very very very very very much!

    3. This script have two problem(VX Ace):
      1. Don't worked collisions from A tiles on childs layers.
      2. If I want to use another tileset on child layer, but work collision from parent layer.

      1. 1. Yes, tile A passability on child maps are disabled (because of glitch)
        2. It's not recommended to use multiple tileset (that feature isn't completed yet)

    4. No working in boss battle in Xas hero 3.9.1


      Whit this Script call:
      $game_temp.enemy_maxhp = 1000
      $game_temp.enemy_hp = 1000
      $game_temp.enemy_name = "Boss"
      $xas_enemy_boss_wind_x = 190
      $xas_enemy_boss_wind_y = 350

      1. ---
        did you check your script call?

        probably you forget to type "$" in $game_temp

    5. I was looking ...
      The script gives the error is the Drago Core

      The game_temp error is in this script

      1. And now this


      2. ---
        something is wrong with your script call
        you probably typed "game_system" instead of "$game_system"

        if somehow your problem still persist, try delete that eval method (line 1995-1997) in Core Engine

      3. Nothing

        Download the Xas 3.91 and test you to
        Insert the Drago Core and Multi layer and test in a boss fight

    6. Ah, I forgot that I merged multi layer script with xp map loader II
      this script can't be used with xp map loader II


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