• Posted by : LiTTleDRAgo Jul 31, 2013

    Version : 1.49

    This script is created for my devtool to make myself easier for scripting.
    From now on some of my scripts will needs this script

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    1. Could you create a demo of that?

      Because I using RPG MAKER XP, I add the Drago script them below I add the Hunger Script and it doesnt work.

      Thanks you very much if you could create it.

      1. unfortunately I'm unable to create a demo because of my IRL
        maybe I'll create one in the future, but for now, I'm sorry I can't

        for another problem with my other scripts, you should post the detailed problem in that script page so I can track the problem much easier

    2. Hey once you encrypt the game to .rgssad once entering the game there is a 'keys' Nil error that appears...

      1. can you list all your script that you're use?
        I tried to encrypt empty project with core engine script inserted and didn't got any error.

      2. Forgot to reply on this comment.

        This issue has been fixed on Drago Core Engine, the problem was on [File.exist?] method on rgss that did not detect files in encrypted rgssad.

        If you have any script that use this method, you should edit it as well.

    3. Hello.
      Core script use can the RMVX ACE.
      Core script use can not the RMVX.
      Please check.
      Help me.
      RMVX Error Message
      SyntaxError occurred while running script.
      that starting play.

    4. my sprite character still appear when i was screenshot the map. why?

      1. that is normal, since my map screenshot script is intended to screenshot the maps along with all the events sprite (such as door, etc)

        maybe I'll update that script next time to exclude events and player sprites.

    5. It says for me that i need drago core engine 1.48 or above even though it already is in my script manager

    6. What script did you use?
      You can delete the script check part if you're sure you got the latest core script.

    7. Hey please help!
      I used "Galv's Fishing Mini game" in my project when i used it, the game crashed and the problem was in your core engine, please send help ASAP

      1. I test the demo (v1.5) with my core script and the game plays normally.
        There is no problem with my core engine.


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