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    Version 2 from XP Map Loader.
    Multi Layer script also implemented in this script.

    How To Use

    XP Map Loader
    Needs Drago - Custom Resolution II  (for RMVX-Ace)
    Needs Drago - Core Engine v1.47 or later to work

    Create your map in RMXP editor and copy the map data (Mapxxx.rxdata, xxx means Map ID) and Tileset.rxdata into RMVXA \Data project
    Dont forget to match the Filename into Map ID in the RMVXA Editor (Click the image to enlarge)


    Copy all graphics used in your map (Autotiles, Fog, Panorama, and Tileset) into RMVXA \Graphics project.
    Insert the script into your RMVXA Script Editor.
    Test play.

    Multi Layer
    To combine the layers, add [join] to map child's name.

    In version II, you can add a condition for joining the layers (Click to Enlarge).

    This script only loads the Map, Panorama, Fog, Passability, Bush, Counter, Terrain Tag from your RMXP map data (Mapxxx.rxdata)
    Events, BGM, BGS, Battleback, Paralax, Ladder, and Damage Floor still used from your RMVXA map data (Mapxxx.rvdata2)

    Beware about this tile :

    This tile is impassable by default, if you find your character unable to walk., this is probably the reason.
    Since this still using RMXP editor I believe you must purchase both RMXP and RMVXA license if you want to make commercial games.

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    1. Thanks for your great work. Although, I must tell about several issues.
      1) The main issues are connected with the moment we transfer player from one XP map to another (also XP). First, the game would often crash at this moment, telling about the disposed bitmap inside the CRPlane class. Second, if it doesn't crash, the tilemap isn't recreated (although the map size, passabilities etc. are loaded correctly) - it leads to the very weird screenshots. Both moments are suppressed when we use Ace maps (or the pair of Ace and XP maps).
      2) This issue isn't so terrifying, but also looks strange. When the player closes the menu, for one frame fog is shown as fully opaque, if it is on map.

      Both issues has a small "workaround" in my own project, here's the small demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-jPByf1AFVJLTRpVU1LZFBQREE/view?usp=sharing
      Hope this helps.

      1. ----
        Thank you for the report
        the issues has been fixed in both scripts

    2. Also, later I found another (rather smal though) issue - when using XP maps in Ace, the passabilities are sometimes false positive (when using passable high-priority tiles over impassable ones). Code from XP method passable?() works right, as far as I can see.

      1. are you sure you're not using this tile in any your maps?

        anyway, I'll change it to xp passable methods now.

      2. You can see this issue in the demo (in the cave map), where VXA tiles aren't used at all except for the ladder.

    3. Sorry for disturbing you again. I've sent several more suggestions (rather complex and arguable though) to you in Facebook, at the 12th of May. Is it the possible way, or I should duplicate that text somewhere else? Don't want to share it open, because of mentioned arguability.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion.

        Unfortunately I'm very sorry I probably can't fiddle with rgss right now because I have been busy IRL.

        Just glanced at your code and indeed, the issue may be fixed in ace but the script loses it's compatibility with xp, which is I really want to avoid.

        I'll look at it when I have enough free time.


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