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    Based on ForeverZer0's Hunger/Thirst script (RMXP)
    This script will add a Hunger/Thirst dynamic to your game. Actor's hunger/thirst will decrease over time or by stepcount. Has configuration for food/drink items and for states that will be added to actors whose hunger/thirst falls within specified ranges.


    In the script
    Needs Drago - Core Engine v1.34 or later

    Compatible with all 3 engines,
    but if you use RMXP, I recommend to grab the original version instead


    Hunger Hud
    Cannibalism Add-on

    Special Thanks

    ForeverZero - for his Original script


    The configuration and Hud created by ForeverZer0, too lazy to make one
    If you want to use it for commercial project, contact ForeverZer0

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    1. Thanks for share this ! This is a very important script for some game make about life story ! :D

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    2. Is there a way to make hunger and thirst only affect the player and not the followers?

      1. members.find_all {|actor| actor.alive?

        replace all of the lines above with

        members.find_all {|actor| actor.index == 0

    3. Why is there an error with the addon switch

    4. The addon switch works for me with 1 party member, but I get an error when I add a second; Line 91 undefined method [] for nil:NilClass


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