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    This script can make you have a full access to character sprite in map


    Needs Drago - Core Engine v1.27 or later to work

    To change character sprite with other image
    (XP uses RPG::Cache while VX and VX-A uses Cache)

    $game_map.events[1].bitmap = RPG::Cache.battler('001-Fighter01')
    $game_map.events[2].bitmap = RPG::Cache.icon('001-Potion01')
    $game_map.events[3].bitmap = Cache.system('Iconset')

    To add an effect to character sprite


    You can use all kind of methods in Bitmap class

    To reset character sprite back to normal



    Will cause trouble with something that alters Sprite_Character


    You can use all methods in Sprite_Character as well, but it will get resetted when player changing scene
    It's impossible to alter some variable because it's been locked in update method

    $game_map.events[1].bitmap.blend_type = 1 # Immediately get resetted by @character.blend_type

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