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    Show Event name in Map


    In the script

    Needs Drago - Core Engine to work

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    1. Hey there!

      I really like this script of yours, however it seems that whenever I go into the menu and anything related to that, the names are over the windows. Could you make an edit for it to only show when Scene_Map is active?

      I tried making an extra update and check method like if scene.is_a?(Scene_Menu) visibilty = false, this kinda works. However when I get back on the map the names are always visible, I don't want to force my players to press Z+C everytime they get out of the menu whenever they don't feel like having names displayed.

      I hope you understand and hopefully it is a minor edit for you.


      1. what RPGMaker version did you use?
        XP, VX or VXA?

        also can you list all the script names that you use in your project?

    2. XP, also started fresh so just this script right now, your core engine and your edit of custom resolution.


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