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    With this script you can use your RMXP map into RMVXA project

    How To Use

    Create your map in RMXP editor and copy the map data (Mapxxx.rxdata, xxx means Map ID) and Tileset.rxdata into RMVXA \Data project
    Dont forget to match the Filename into Map ID in the RMVXA Editor (Click the image to enlarge)


    Copy all graphics used in your map (Autotiles, Fog, Panorama, and Tileset) into RMVXA \Graphics project

    Insert the script into your RMVXA Script Editor 

    Test play


    To add multiple layers on XP map, Drago - Core Engine v1.16 or later is required
    add [join] to map child's name (child map's Mapxxx.rxdata must be exist)

    Special Thanks

    King - for the tilemap rewrite


    This script only loads the Map, Panorama, Fog, Passability, Bush, Counter, Terrain Tag from your RMXP map data (Mapxxx.rxdata)
    Events, BGM, BGS, Battleback, Paralax, Ladder, and Damage Floor still used from your RMVXA map data (Mapxxx.rvdata2)

    There are a major bug that haven't been solved yet, If you save your game and quit, sometimes the map will look like this after you load (click the image to enlarge)

    Yes, all the autotiles are gone. To prevent this you should disable saving at that map.(only save game at inn / home or some place with RMVXA map)


    Since this still using RMXP editor I believe you must purchase both RMXP and RMVXA license if you want to make commercial games.

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    1. update to 1.15
      - fixed glitch if used with large maps


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