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    Puzzle minigame (Susun Gambar means Puzzle in Indonesian)
    Ported from here (credit to hart for the original script / VX ver)

    How to Use

    for RMXP and RMVX
    $scene = Scene_SusunGambar.new(num_of_columns, num_of_rows, filename )
    $scene = Scene_SusunGambar.new(num_of_columns, num_of_rows, filename, time)

    for RMVXA
    $scene_susun = [num_of_columns, num_of_rows, filename]
    $scene_susun = [num_of_columns, num_of_rows, filename, time]

        num_of_columns = total column the puzzle
        num_of_rows       =
    total rows the puzzle
        filename      = image used in puzzle (in folder Graphics/Pictures)
        time             = time to complete the puzzle, you can skip this if you want to

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    1. Replies
      1. did you copy & insert the script properly?

      2. Same thing here.
        $scene = Scene_SusunGambar.new(9, 9, noise.png [, 999])
        ^ is that correct?

      3. You forgot to add "". It should be "noise.png"

      4. And [, 999] is optional value, you're not supposed to insert it like that.
        Oh well, maybe I worded this wrong in instruction.
        Sorry about it.


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