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    This is edited version of MMS so can work with Blizz ABS with new feature


      * Multiple Message Windows
      * Speech and Thought Balloons
      * Position over player/event (follows movement and scrolling)
      * Optional message tail (for speech or thought balloons)
      * Can specify location relative to player/event (up, down, left, right)
      * Can use different windowskin, message tail and font color
      * Letter-by-letter mode
      * Variable speed (and delays)
      * Skippable on button press
      * Autoresize messages
      * Player movement allowed during messages
      * If speaker moves offscreen, message closes (like ChronoTrigger)
      * Everything also works during battle
      * Settings configurable at anytime
      * Can revert back to normal messages at anytime
      * Can use Faceset
      * Message Log

    New in 1.5.x
      * \f[face_image] = display faceset image
                       image must be placed in folder pictures and the size
                       is 80x80
      * \a[name]     = display message name
      * \r[string]     = display furigana text
      * message.auto_shrink = true / false (default is false)

    New in 1.6.x
      * message log (press F8)
      * message animation (example in demo)

    Get all the image needed from demo

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    1. Hello, I have a question.
      I used an early version of this script so im not sure you understand my problem.
      My first version was 1.5. made in 2006.
      Now I updated it to 1.6.

      My problem is: When I talk to a NPC and the message ends, the message is starting over and over again until I move away from the NPC which I dont want.

      I want the message to end even when I stay next to the NPC like it was in the old version.

      1. I'm sorry, I didn't have time to fix the bugs (Already retired from RMXP because of real life).
        However, I still have the old version (link above)

        Good luck for your game, and forgive me for unable to help.

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