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    This is edited version of MMS so can work with Blizz ABS with new feature


      * Multiple Message Windows
      * Speech and Thought Balloons
      * Position over player/event (follows movement and scrolling)
      * Optional message tail (for speech or thought balloons)
      * Can specify location relative to player/event (up, down, left, right)
      * Can use different windowskin, message tail and font color
      * Letter-by-letter mode
      * Variable speed (and delays)
      * Skippable on button press
      * Autoresize messages
      * Player movement allowed during messages
      * If speaker moves offscreen, message closes (like ChronoTrigger)
      * Everything also works during battle
      * Settings configurable at anytime
      * Can revert back to normal messages at anytime
      * Can use Faceset
      * Message Log

    New in 1.5.x
      * \f[face_image] = display faceset image
                       image must be placed in folder pictures and the size
                       is 80x80
      * \a[name]     = display message name
      * \r[string]     = display furigana text
      * message.auto_shrink = true / false (default is false)

    New in 1.6.x
      * message log (press F8)
      * message animation (example in demo)

    Get all the image needed from demo

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    1. Hello, I have a question.
      I used an early version of this script so im not sure you understand my problem.
      My first version was 1.5. made in 2006.
      Now I updated it to 1.6.

      My problem is: When I talk to a NPC and the message ends, the message is starting over and over again until I move away from the NPC which I dont want.

      I want the message to end even when I stay next to the NPC like it was in the old version.

      1. I'm sorry, I didn't have time to fix the bugs (Already retired from RMXP because of real life).
        However, I still have the old version (link above)

        Good luck for your game, and forgive me for unable to help.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The demo download drop box link has been deleted. I want you to recover it.


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